B.BLANC &Korean Cosmetics

In 2017, based on the research results of PLLA patent patented component of Professor Zheng Jiguan, Professor of GREENBIO Bioscience and   Technology Research Institute of Seoul University, and successfully passed the 8 Linchuan test test of the Institute of Soonchunhyang University, in March 2018, B.BLANC BOTAINICAL D-TOX MASK (Chinese Name:      B.BLANC plant placenta detoxification mask) was listed.
In March 2018, NetEase koala bought the product of paedalan plant placenta detoxification mask. At the same time, in Xiaohongshu , Netease Aesthetics , there are a large number of consumer feedback.
Through a large number of surveys with consumers, the basic plant skin care product line of B. BLANC and functional cosmetics products were listed in the second half of 2018.


B. BLANC was founded in Seoul, Korea. Its founder, Mr. Yin Jinming, was influenced by the advanced concept of cosmetics in Europe when he was traveling in Europe. The original intention of B. BLANC is to extract plant ingredients to create a non-irritating gentle skin care  products.  After years of clinical trials in medical cosmetology and research institutes, the team has worked together to create a series of plant skin care  products, so that the collision between traditional Chinese medicine and plants can make it more mild, slight fragrance to give you a more      comfortable use experience, better. The gentle texture is suitable for sensitive skin and other skin types.
B. BLANC is the abbreviation of Botanic Build Beauty and BLANC. It contains plants to create beautiful and restore healthy skin. Blanc French   means to restore a whitening look.
Brand History
2017: register the trademark of B.BLANC in South Korea; sign the joint product development framework agreement with the GREENBIO Bioscience and Technology  Institute of Seoul University.
2018: the first B.BLANC product B.BLANC BOTAINICAL D-TOX MASK (Chinese Name:   Bao Di LAN plant placenta detoxification mask) is listed on the basis of the research     results of the PLLA patent licensing research results.
2019: Based on pea extract, Eternal P, a pea active peptide prepared by nano-liposome technology, and MExBS ASM Plus franchised components extracted from seven            natural anti-inflammation plants, including Centella asiatica extract, Polygonum          cuspidatum root extract, Scutellaria baicalensis root extract, green tea extract, liquorice root extract, chamomile extract and rosemary leaf extract, were introduced.
Plant  Stem Cell Flora Skin Care Product Line.
Professional technology will bring you better skin care products, moist skin is a magic weapon for aging, do not let drying accelerate our aging, traditional Chinese medicine and plant collision; let it more care for your skin. Let's have a fresh date with our skin.